Hearing Aid Leasing Program

The Hearing Aid Office has always offered a variety of payment options when purchasing hearing aids. We have now partnered with Allegro Credit to offer a hearing aid leasing program. Hearing aids may be leased over four years with low monthly payments which include all follow up care which includes repairs, testing, and service.

After the hearing test and consultation, we select which instruments will work best for you. A credit application is completed and we determine your lease payment. There is a non-refundable service fee of $250.00 due at this time along with your first lease payment. Leases are available for ALL price ranges and technology levels.

After two years you can upgrade your technology for a small fee. Or, after three years you can upgrade your technology without a fee. You continue your payments until the end of four years. At that time, you may choose to buy the decies you are wearing for a small fee or sign up for a new lease and we get a new set of the latest technology on the market for you.

If you decide to return the hearing aids during the 30-day trial period you return the hearing aids and you will walk away from the lease with the exception of the $250.00 service fee.

Leasing hearing aids is like leasing a car or a cell phone. You have the most current technology and it is alway under warranty.

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