Hearing & Tinnitus Evaluations


We offer complete hearing testing, in a sound booth, in all of our locations.  We provide hearing testing for medical evaluations, for prescription hearing instruments, and for industrial screenings.

Tinnitus – We work with you to provide relief for you – from the ringing or noises that you may hear in your head or ears.  There are treatments; you don’t have to just live with the annoyance of tinnitus.



Hearing instruments have improved greatly.  Life-changing hearing technology is available now.  Focus on who you want to hear – background noise reduction is the best it has ever been.  There are many options available:  Rechargeable batteries / Batteries you change / buttons / NO buttons / apps to adjust the aids / bluetooth / or simple aids without all the tech stuff.  We help you choose the best solution so you hear confidently.

Ear Cleaning


The earigator is an ear cleansing system. It uses water at a controlled temperature to irrigate wax from the ear. We also use a camera. Together these devices clearly show when the wax is removed.

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