Medical Insurance and Hearing Aids

Insurance companies have begun covering hearing aids on some policies.  You need to call YOUR insurance company to see if your plan includes hearing aid benefits.  We are providers for many – but not all – insurance companies.  If you are eligible for hearing aid benefits we need to have an authorization from your insurance company before we see you.

Hearing aid coverage varies widely.  Some companies give a discount on the hearing aid purchase, some companies have an allowance that will pay some or all of the hearing aid cost, and some do not provide any benefit for hearing aids.

Call your insurance company and ask if you have hearing aid benefits.  You will need to have your insurance card handy when you make the call.

United Healthcare began offering hearing aid benefits in our area in January of 2022.  There are MANY different policies within United Healthcare and until we receive an authorization we do not know what your benefits will be.  If you have United Healthcare the number to call and ask about hearing aid coverage is 855-523-9355.

We know insurance is confusing – it is for us as well.  Hopefully, this helps you understand a bit about how insurance works with hearing aids.  Once we have your authorization we will be happy to make an appointment with you and discuss YOUR options.

Cindy and Brittany

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