Domes Matter

You know those little silicone pieces most of you have on the end of your hearing aid? People call them all sorts of things like: domes, Christmas trees, mushrooms, or little rubber things. They come black, white, or clear.

There are MANY sizes and shapes of domes. The SIZE that was chosen for you corresponds to the size of the your ear canal. The dome should fit securely but comfortably in your ear. Domes that are too large will be uncomfortable and domes that are too small may fall out. There are many different SHAPES as well, and the shape you were gives is based on your personal hearing profile.

Recently, we have seen people who have changed their domes. They have been given domes from someone, bought domes on-line, used what their spouse had or modified the ones they were given. All of these are BAD idea.

The SHAPE of dome was chosen to give you the frequencies you need to hear better and filter out frequencies you don’t need. The wrong dome can give you too much hearing, too little hearing, amplify the wrong frequencies, cause a whistling sound, or fit issues.

If you are unsure if you are using the proper dome. Call us and we will make sure you have the right dome for your ears and your hearing. DOMES MATTER!

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