If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a hearing evaluation is recommended. Please call our office to schedule a hearing evaluation.

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  1. Is it difficult to follow conversation in a crowded room or restaurant?
  2. Do you frequently ask people to speak up or repeat themselves?
  3. Do you find yourself turning one ear toward a speaker to hear better?
  4. Do you find it difficult to hear when listening on the phone?
  5. Do you find children’s voices difficult to hear?
  6. Do you feel people are mumbling or not speaking clearly?
  7. Do you have ringing in your ears?
  8. Are you avoiding social activities because of your hearing?

Our Philosophy & Goals

  • To offer the best possible service at competitive prices.
  • To improve upon those services daily.
  • To seek new technologies and ideas to assist you with your hearing needs.
  • To offer the highest standards of professional competency, business integrity and service excellence available.
We believe everyone has individual needs and financial situations. That is why we work with a variety of manufacturers and styles of hearing aids. We work WITH YOU to find the best solution FOR YOU.

If you’re ready to hear better

Give Cindy a Call

We Made Them All Happy

  • My hearing is at the bottom of the scale, I hear nothing without them.  Cindy gave me the best hearing test I had ever received.  With this set of hearing aids I hear sounds I haven't heard in years, such as the turn signal in the car and the birds singing. Thank you Cindy.  And let me say Cindy cares, she works with you.

    Frederick G
  • The new hearing aids I have are amazing. I can hear so much better, I feel like I have been gifted with bionic ears. I can now hear my children speaking clearly and if I am in a social situation, (like a room full of people at a wedding) I can hear and understand what is being said. I cannot thank you enough.

  • So appreciate Cindy and Brittany being there to help me navigate this world of hearing aids! It was so overwhelming at first

    C. A.

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