Hearing Aid Battery Information

Tips to Insure Long Battery Life

Ray-O-Vac batteries are our preferred batteries.  Ray-O-Vac has Clear Sound Technology batteries which provide you with consistent, quality performance throughout the entire life of your battery.  The benefits are numerous and include; improved cell design for a longer battery life and a higher discharge voltage reducing early low battery tones, static and unwanted noise.  The high tech formula provides you with clear sound and a reliable experience along with extended shelf life and stability in extreme conditions.

If you have tried “discount batteries” and are less than satisfied with your hearing aid performance it is time to try Ray-O-Vac Pro-line Advanced hearing instrument batteries and experience the advantages for yourself.

  • Remove the sticker from the battery.  The sticky tab keeps the battery fresh, and prevents the zinc inside the battery from being activated.  Once the tab is removed tiny holes in the battery allow oxygen to enter the battery.  The oxygen passes through the holes and a filter before it is absorbed.
  • Wait at least one minute before closing the battery in the hearing aid.  This allows the chemicals time to mix and start the reaction which will power your hearing instruments.  Today’s hearing aids are very sophisticated and need a well charged battery in order to work properly.  Don’t skip this step – waiting at least one minute will extend your battery life!
  • Do not put the tab back on a battery.  Once the battery has been activated putting the tab back on the battery serves no purpose.  Once the battery has begun working you can not reverse that process.


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